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Helping Healthcare Companies Grow Faster

Our Healthcare Practice applies the proven Gen5 Approach to both emerging and mature companies serving the healthcare space. Leveraging a team of industry veterans, we start with a strategy that increases awareness and perception of our clients among their prospective buyers. Then, we transform that strategy into execution, building sales pipeline and enabling our clients to grow in a dramatic way.

Competition is fierce in healthcare. Healthcare executive mindshare is extremely limited, and continues to narrow as operational and strategic responsibilities expand and become more complex. It is extremely difficult to get attention, and even more difficult to sustain interest.

In this intensely competitive environment, your go-to-market strategy should consider the following:

  • What is your provocative Thought Leadership position that creates urgency around the adoption of your solution?
  • How do you tell the “story” of your product? Why should your buyer care, today?
  • Are you selling to the correct healthcare segment and people?
  • Is your messaging internally focused, or are you speaking to the specific needs of your prospect?

Whether you are an emerging company introducing a new innovation to the market, or a mature company seeking to diversify, expand, or refresh your current portfolio of products, answering these questions can be difficult. It takes healthcare thought leaders from across a variety of disciplines to crystallize these answers in a compelling way, and catch the attention of the people who matter most.

Gen5’s Healthcare Practice was deliberately built to answer these questions, and to help craft successful growth strategies for healthcare technology companies. Each senior member of our team brings over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, and often reflect your target buyers.

The innovations emerging in healthcare are, simply put, extraordinary. While this avalanche of new products brings enormous potential to impact health system performance, the challenge healthcare companies face is how to stand out as more than just a “flavor-of-the-month” idea. In fact, in our experience, the entrepreneurs driving these innovations are often tempted to talk about the innovation itself, rather than how their product impacts a prospect’s clinical enterprise, business, and mission in very meaningful ways.

Gen5 gives you new perspective on how to define and sell your products based on how your buyer wants to buy them. Your Thought Leadership, anchored in a comprehensive growth strategy, defines why prospects need to seek an innovative solution. Your product positioning should make it obvious why your innovative solution is the only option to achieving that vision.

Having a great strategy and great products will not accelerate sales without getting your message to market in the right way. For the Healthcare Practice, Gen5’s Message pillar involves developing the right message for the right target personas, identifying the best channels over which the message will be delivered, and creating multi-channel campaigns that create and sustain momentum.

Whether you’re aiming to improve your online presence via your corporate website and social channels, create compelling lead generation campaigns, develop engaging collateral, or create a comprehensive conference strategy, Gen5 brings your message to life.

A strategically architected engine is required to power a larger growth strategy. Yet many companies struggle to get even basic performance information from their CRM and Marketing Automation systems.

If you’re selling into healthcare, you probably know who your prospect targets are. At that point, Gen5 helps you populate and segment your CRM specifically for the healthcare market. We fundamentally understand the complexity of selling into the healthcare industry, and help you configure the right marketing and sales process throughout your CRM and marketing automation systems so you can have visibility into the effectiveness of the entire lead-to-sales pipeline.

Our bookings model helps you set realistic targets and goals across marketing, inside sales, and sales. The result is a marketing engine that allows you to achieve predictable, consistent and informed performance against your sales targets.

The fifth pillar of the Gen5 model is focused entirely on execution. Gen5 helps you align and focus traditionally disparate teams around one growth pipeline that starts with marketing, converts through inside sales, and ends with sales consistently achieving or exceeding quota.

The Gen5 team is expert in executing lead generation programs for healthcare companies. Our team partners with existing client resources to effectively run campaigns across email, social media, webinars, tradeshows and events. Our proven campaign methodology leads to dramatic increases in both the quality and quantity of leads, and acceleration of those conversion rates throughout the sales process. The Gen5 engine constantly optimizes resources, ensuring you are getting the most out of the investment you are making in the growth of your company.

Contact us today to find out how Gen5 can help your company transform healthcare.

“Gen5 worked with us to create a marketing message that told our story in a compelling way, and a strategy to get that message to market. They helped us package and describe our products, execute campaigns and events, and redesign our brand through our new website. I highly recommend Gen5. They’ll kickstart your growth and you’ll have a blast working with them.”

Senior Vice President of Strategy, PeraHealth