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Start with a big idea.
Translate to solutions.
Build your sales pipeline.
Grow faster.

Gen5 aligns 5 critical areas to transform our clients into high-growth enterprises.

With a strategy to execute against, products packaged in a way prospects want to buy, great lead generation campaigns, metrics-based systems to optimize performance, and process that aligns the whole team, Gen5 clients grow faster.


Define the path to revenue that your whole organization can rally behind. From Thought Leadership to target markets to modeling your revenue by channel, Gen5 helps you create the plan for deliberate, predictable growth.


Release your perceived constraints around “what you have on the truck.” With some creativity and a little marketing packaging, Gen5 helps you transform your offering to match what your prospect wants to buy.


Now you are ready to take your solution to market according to your strategy. Gen5 helps you create a compelling, cohesive story from your Thought Leadership idea to your market-facing promotions to your sales presentations.


Without an engine, your greatest plans and messages will sit on the shelf. Gen5 helps you build the machine that will allow you to scale up lead generation with limited resources, measure results, and continuously optimize performance.


Now for the bookings. That’s the measure of success: accelerated growth. Gen5 helps you align your marketing, inside sales, and sales teams around generating opportunities that lead to bookings.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Gen5 worked with us to create a marketing strategy that positively impacted our revenue. This strategy covered thought leadership and branding, product management, events, our implementation, a new website project, and campaigns that generated hundreds of qualified leads. Gen5’s strategy work significantly contributed to our growth. We got to a point where we had to hire someone to field leads because our sales reps didn’t have the capacity to follow up on all of them. I highly recommend Gen5. They’ll kickstart your growth and you’ll have a blast working with them.” – LeAnne Hester, Chief Commercial Officer, PeraHealth