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Supply Chain complexity is accelerating. Is your story keeping pace?


Complex global supply networks. Consumerism. Internet of Things. Industry 4.0. Regulatory challenges. Product Quality. Speed to Lean. Collaborative Procurement. The supply chain space is abuzz with new imperatives driving innovation. Where does your solution fit in?

Gen5 is a unique partner for Supply Chain Technology companies. Not a typical marketing agency, Gen5 has a depth of knowledge across the supply chain, including design, manufacturing, procurement, logistics, quality, and LEAN. Gen5 has proven experience creating the story that shares the “big idea” around unique solutions. We relate your solution to critical trends and challenges that matter most. That story makes it obvious to your prospect audience why they need to engage with your company and invest in your solution.

Gen5 measures results through revenue growth. We give you the message to attract more prospects, the tactics to engage with them, and the engine to measure your success.

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“Gen5’s strategy directly contributed to superior rankings among the analyst community, a strong thought leadership position, and a strategic product roadmap that established us as a global leader in our market. The engine Gen5 helped build for marketing and sales increased multi-fold inbound lead flow, qualified opportunities, and our annual closed revenue from new clients.”

Eric Wilson, Senior Vice President of Operations, Verian

Gen5 transforms companies by telling their story in a new way – a way that makes it obvious to the prospect audience that they need to be partnering with you. We help you break through the noise in the market, create a compelling message, and engage with prospects earlier in their buying journey.

Find out about the Gen5 approach to developing your “Big Idea.” Our Thought Leadership engagement service combines on-site workshops, market research, and competitive analysis, and delivers your defining Thought Leadership statement, a position paper (eBook or White Paper), and a marketing strategy to take your message to market.

Having a great story to tell is not enough. How do you tell the right people? Gen5’s marketing strategy is all about getting your message to the right audience – the people who will invest in your product, and realize your mission.

Gen5 develops a comprehensive marketing strategy, complete with a tactical plan to guide your marketing resources. Some components of the Gen5 marketing strategy include

  • Brand statement and key themes
  • Prospect targets
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Marketing channels/media
  • Sales presentations
  • Corporate website guidelines
  • Marketing, Inside Sales, and Sales process

Find out today what you could be doing to accelerate your revenue growth.

If you have limited marketing resources, use Gen5’s full-function marketing department as required to meet your needs and budget. Because we work with many high-growth entrepreneurial companies, we understand that you move quickly, and with limited resources. Our team has been hand selected by our founder over a 20 year career. We deliver enterprise-class marketing at the pace you need.

Some of Gen5’s specialty areas for healthcare marketing include

  • Brand design and logos
  • Product UI design
  • Collateral writing and design
  • Website development
  • Corporate and sales events
  • Campaign execution
  • PR and Social media
  • Presentation content and design

Find out today how you can leverage our amazing team of healthcare marketing experts.

Because Gen5 measures success by revenue results, we take great care in creating a process that converts lead generation to closed deals. When marketing and sales are aligned – marketing is delivering the opportunities sales wants, and sales is providing a feedback loop to optimize outreach – that process leads to accelerated growth.

Gen5 works with you to understand how you sell, and customizes existing CRM and marketing automation systems to support your sales process. Simply knowing how to administer a CRM system, such as, does not typically produce the reporting and insight you need to understand how you are performing. Systems must be deliberately architected with your process and your success metrics in mind.

That’s why using engineers who focus on marketing is so powerful. Find out today how Gen5 can help you really understand what is working, and what is not.

Gen5 is led by engineers who focus on marketing. When it comes to reporting and analytics, we understand how to customize your systems to give you real information based on your unique processes.

Many Gen5 clients have started with a implementation that simply isn’t providing the information or visibility that sales and marketing leadership need to properly forecast, optimize investment dollars, and understand what is working and what isn’t.

Do you understand

  • How accurate your quarterly sales forecast is?
  • How many sales opportunities you need to generate to hit your sales target?
  • How long your opportunities are sitting in each sales stage?
  • How many opportunities were generated by particular marketing campaigns? And how much each one cost to produce?
  • How much you need to spend in marketing to hit your revenue growth number?

Find out today how you can better leverage your existing systems, or implement new ones, to answer these questions and more, and commit to growing your revenue intelligently.