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Creating a product unleashes new growth potential.

From product ideation to proof of concept to full commercialization, Gen5 is your growth acceleration partner.

Many successful consulting businesses have a product in the making. If you have a consistent way you bring value to your clients, with a repeatable methodology or approach, you are probably in this group. Businesses partner with Gen5 to identify opportunities to create new product revenue streams, and actually bring the product to reality.

Introducing Gen5 Tech Labs Product 101: 101 days to your first product offering

Product Identification

Gen5 strategists spend time in your business to discover product potential. We look at data, process, and tools that might be good candidates for new revenue streams.

Product Inception

If Gen5 discovers potential product revenue streams, we bring together the stakeholders that can further define and scope a viable product.

Proof of Concept Development

Within 90 days, the Gen5 product development team will bring your product to life with a well-scoped proof of concept.

Commercial Validation

In parallel to the proof of concept, Gen5 will develop the value proposition, marketing content, and early adopter program for commercialization.

Go-to-Market Roadmap

With a viable product and your first few customers, Gen5 will create a go-to-market roadmap to fully scale product sales, and execute that roadmap if desired.

Ready to discuss your product potential today?

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