Big Idea Workshop
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A strategic retreat that transforms your messaging into thought leadership.

You keep hearing about thought leadership. Why is it relevant? How does it contribute to revenue growth?

Thought leaders are able to tell their stories in ways that clearly communicate why they are transformative, interesting, and uncontested by their competition. It all starts with the development of a powerful thought leadership statement – a stake in the ground for your company that defines who you are, why you’re relevant, and that allows you to cut through all of the noise in the market. If you aren’t able to distinguish yourself from your competition, you’re only going to compete on price.

Gen5’s Big Idea Workshop is designed to collaboratively tell your story in a way that will accelerate your thought leadership status in your market. With a defined Big Idea anchoring all content and messaging, you’ll be able to reach prospects that want to engage earlier and associate your solution with their problems – creating a natural path to interest in your products and the momentum you need to grow revenue.

The Gen5 Big Idea Workshop is more than just dreaming up concepts. It’s about extracting your knowledge about your product, industry, and competitive landscape and working together to position that knowledge in a strategic way that will resonate with your prospects. Big Ideas aren’t just nice to have. They’re necessary for growth because they reinforce your marketing messages, align your sales and marketing teams, and drive awareness and adoption.

What to Expect

Prior to the workshop, Gen5’s team of marketing strategists and healthcare experts will have a series of discovery meetings with leaders of your organization to discuss

  • Company History and Brand
  • Current Competitive Landscape
  • Marketing Objectives and Campaigns
  • Target Markets and Buyers
  • Company Goals

During a one-day workshop, Gen5 will collaborate with your team to brainstorm your Big Idea, taking into account how that Big Idea will position your company for accelerated revenue growth. If desired, Gen5’s events team is available to plan executive retreat activities surrounding the Big Idea Workshop.


After the workshop day, Gen5 will have the information needed for the Big Idea. Gen5 will continue to refine the Big Idea and develop the supporting pillars that will become the foundation for strategic thought leadership campaigns. Along with the Big Idea concept, Gen5 will create a campaign strategy and a prospect engagement roadmap for generating leads to help you jumpstart your campaign execution.

Big Ideas are challenging to define and to execute. Gen5 specializes in meeting that challenge for companies ready to emerge – to improve their brand awareness and scale their revenue growth.

Contact us today to learn more about Gen5’s Big Idea Workshop.

“Gen5 is a great partner for us in articulating our Thought Leadership concepts. The Gen5 team is unique in their ability to think strategically and execute consistently. They can translate big concepts in ways the market can consume, and develop long-term marketing strategies to gain traction and sustain momentum.”

Senior Vice President of Strategy and Product Marketing, Camstar (now part of Siemens PLM)