5 Steps to Align Sales and Marketing – Part 4
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All You Need Is 5 Steps to Align Sales and Marketing

Last week we discussed the importance of monitoring the performance of your sales and marketing alignment once goals and processes were clearly defined. This week, step four is about communication.

4. Create a process of sustained communication among marketing and sales. This allows open feedback and combined progress toward goal achievement, with the ability to adjust goals as more is learned. What happens without effective communication? Marketing will tend to “throw things over the wall.” Why? Because it’s faster. Marketing is focused on campaigns to feed the pipeline (a good thing). And sales will tend to go after the money in front of them right now (a good thing, this quarter…).

That is why a dedicated alignment process is so crucial to success. When everyone is aligned, sales is able to continuously give marketing feedback on lead quality. By having that valuable information, marketing can optimize their campaign approaches accordingly to maximize results. When sustaining communication is established, the walls of the siloes that marketing and sales used to work in are torn down and more can be accomplished to help grow the company.

Stay tuned for Step 5 of this series: Win Together.

Can you identify all of the elements within this model today? If not, contact us to get started.

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Kia mobilizes marketing efforts to create effective campaigns that generate leads and fill the opportunity pipeline. She establishes and trains on marketing and sales processes, executes strategic campaigns, and configures Salesforce.com and marketing automation systems to measure results.

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