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Author: Dana Marxer
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Dana has led high-growth marketing teams for almost 20 years. She has a proven ability to distill new thought leadership concepts for product companies in the B2B space, and create a lead generation infrastructure to measure sales and marketing effectiveness. Her work with the analyst community has led to superior ratings of technology companies, including leadership positioning on the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

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We’ve worked with dozens of B2B companies, and they all have struggled with the same question: how do I know if I’m going to hit my quarterly target for the next 4 quarters? Using revenue engineering principles, we have been able to predict revenue within 5-10% before the beginning of the quarter in every case...
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We have never arrived at a new client’s site and found their Salesforce.com configuration working for them. That’s profound. Never. A few caveats. We work with B2B technology and services companies – some big, some small. They have complex sales cycles. They typically have numerous marketing campaigns executed over multiple channels (sometimes we’ve had to...
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B2B Marketers talk a lot about “Thought Leadership.” What is fascinating to me is that many folks don’t understand what Thought Leadership actually is. Or perhaps their definition is correct, and mine is wrong. Let’s take a look at a couple of philosophies. I’ll call the first philosophy “thought saturation.” Many marketers will plan Thought...
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You know what your sales were last year. You know how much you want to grow. You multiply last year’s revenue by your desired growth rate. Voila! Next year’s sales targets are set and you communicate the target to your team. Is this you? If so, keep reading… We’ve seen many emerging B2B companies set sales...